Empire Title
An Unexpected Discovery
Start Yaver Penicill
End Yaver Penicill
Level 6 (Req. 6)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 400
Reputation 250 Arisen
Rewards Everwarm Legwraps or Hand Blown Glass Vase
2Silver 40Copper

While I was wandering around the catacombs benearth the Hadron Quarter I got really dirty. I was covered with spider webs, mud, and some sort of mold that managed to cover most of my lab coat. By the time I got back, I was so tired I simply threw my coat onto the dissecting table and went to bed.
I couldn't believe my eyes in the morning! The day before i had been studying septic wounds and there was a fresh corpse on the table, covered with infested sores. The mold had covered the whole body and when I cleaned it off the wounds were completely disinfected and just clean, bluish cuts remained. It turns out the mold destroys bacteria, can you believe that?
Just as I was getting ready to collect specimens for serious research, the cultists showed up in the catacombs! I'm no warrior, so I can't go back there! That's why I need your help - bring me samples of this mold and I'll dedicate my dissertation to you. Deal?


Collect 14 samples of Predatory Mold for [[Yaver Penicill].


  • 2Silver 40Copper
  • 400 Experience
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