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Ancient June Magic
Start Amanda de Desirae
End Lovewise Catfish
Level 4
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 6

This World Mystery quest is started right before you exit the Clement's Tower tutorial instance, by accepting the The Path to Novograd quest.

Amanda has found a strange stone in Clement's lab. It looks like it has magical properties. You should Study them! Who knows, they might turn out to be useful.
Allods world mystery book.png The mystery of the ancient June ruins has been solved! They can be used to tap into the ancient teleportation network and travel between the strange devices. The ruins will revolutionize travel between the allods!


Yes, I've already heard about the magical properties of the ancient June ruins. What did you say the activation device is called? An Adventurer's Stone? Hm, let me record that name in my book.
Studying the mysteries of the world is my primary objective. You cannot even imagine the number of secrets we have discovered about the world! And as we reveal them, we will not only learn about our past, but we will know how to plan for our future.
If you happen to solve some mysteries over the course of your travels, make sure to come see me. Remember that you will be generously rewarded for your efforts. I hope that we'll be seeing each other often. Happy travels!


You receive a little experience for completing this World Mystery.

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