Quest:Ancient Stones

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Ancient Stones
Start Amanda de Desirae
End Amanda de Desirae
Level 1 (Req. 4)
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 150
Rewards 69 Copper.png
Previous The Missing Scout
Next Astral Components
Let's get back on the subject of this stone.
I've been thinking about the matter for some time now, analyzing every detail, and here's what I've come up with.
The portal that brought us to this allod is the handiwork of ancient June civilization. Just like these strange stones that I found in Clement's lab. Perhaps this is the answer. Could we be dealing with some ancient June magic that somehow connects these stones with June portals in ways unbeknownst to us? Could this be what brought us to this allod and not Novograd?
In order to prove or disprove this theory, I will need June items. Not just any ol' thing either, buth the kind that still holds traces of magic. Scouts report seeing a June ruin along the northwestern coast. If what I remember from my classes on ancient magic is correct, those are the kind of ruins the Junes used to conduct their rituals. Please find these ruins and bring me back several stones. I'm hoping that they may still retain traces of magic that could help our investigation.


Find an ancient June stele along the northwestern shore, collect a couple of ancient stones and bring them to Amanda de Desirae.


You found the stones? Excellent! Give them to me so I can examine them.


  • 150 Experience (level 5)
  • 69 Copper.png


The ruins are the same ones that you need to visit for the Mysterious Treasure quest. Go there and collect 3 glowing Ancient June Blocks.

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