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Ancient Treasure
Start Anastasia Leshcheva
End Anastasia Leshcheva
Level 34 (Req. 33)
Category Coba Plateau
Experience 900
Rewards 42s 66c
Hey, it's you again! Since I know you're trustworthy and you did such a great job helping the hunters, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
There's a rumor about some great buried treasure in Coba Plateau. The hunters are so close to finding it... I can almost taste it! So how would you like to help? We've narrowed it down to it being somewhere near where our camp is set up.


Find the HIDDEN treasure somewhere near the Demon Hunter's Camp and report your success to Anastasia Leshcheva.


The area was strewn with bones of miners - those who risked it all for sake of profit... And lost.


You really found it?! That's wonderful news! Great job!


  • 900 Experience
  • 42s 66c


This quest prompts you to find the Device Fragments repeatable quest that rewards you with an Adamantine Chest.