League Title
Astral Batteries
Start Unknown
End Unknown
Level 17 (Req. 15)
Category Frozen Frontier
Rewards 14Silver 85Copper
Database Allodsdatabase.png
No, I haven't started on the sails yet. It still feels like someone put a pot on my head and gave it a good whack.
And now it looks like I’ve made a huge blunder. Please, I beg of you, just don't tell Inga. I threw our Astral batteries into the Astral to… well, to charge them up a bit. But then a storm kicked up the next thing I know is that the batteries are gone and so is the mead!
Judging by the wind direction, I’d say that the batteries must have been blown off to the northeast, probably somewhere around Cold Island. But on the other hand, this was a serious storm, so they could have scattered across all the neighboring allods.
Could you jump over there and see if you can find one? We lost five regular batteries and five modernized big ones, but we only need one. Please, there's no one else I can ask.


Retrieve an Astral Battery from Cold Island for the Curly Family.


If you’re here, then that means that the ship batteries are drifting somewhere around Cold Island…


You found one! Oh, my darling battery! I could just kiss them. Oh, thank you! I'm in your debt for as long as I live!


14Silver 85Copper


The map marker shows batteries are on Cold Island near the front, this is a misnomer. The batteries can be found by taking the outer edge path to the right as you get off the teleporter and following it around the island until you see a broken down cart. You will have to pass Frost Demons, so either kill them or avoid them. Click on the cart with the weather balloon to get your update.

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