League Title
Astral Resistance
Start Feodor Vetrov
End Feodor Vetrov
Level 15 (Req. 15)
Category Siveria
Experience 125
Rewards Large Incense Kit
Previous Initiation Ritual
Next Martyr's Rune
For the last part of your initiation, you must kill an Astral demon.
You might think it hard to find one of the beasts these days. It's true that the League Defenders did a wonderful job of clearing them out, but there is one place in particular that the demons still flock to.
How fortuitous for you that it just happens to be right on this shore. To the east, not far from here, there's a peak where the demons visit very frequently. Go there, kill it, and return to me so that we may bring this ritual to a close.


Kill the Astral demon on the peak of the Astral shore.


Fantastic! You have performed wonderfully!



In this quest you will receive the second level of Patronage.

The demon is easy to kill:

Mysterious demon mage map

Astral demon's location

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