League Title
Audience with the Great Mage
Start Svetobor Ratnev
End Svetobor Ratnev
Level 1
Category Clement's Tower
Experience 110
Next To Arms!
May the Great Tensess light your path! Welcome new recruit!
Let's make haste, Clemente de Desirae, the Great Mage of this isle, is about to begin his speech. After the speech we'll attend the grand banquet. Let's be sure to not stay to long, as the ship to Novograd will sail later this evening.
Now follow me, Let's hope we're not the last ones in attendance for the Great Mage's speech.


Follow Svetobor Ratnev and listen to the speech of the Great Mage Clement of Desirae.


A thousand Astral demons take me!

Clemente de Desirae, the Great Mage... He's dead! Damn whoever's responsible for this! The Tower of the Great Mage is soon to be consumed by the Astral! This allod is nnow done for!


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