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Banking Crisis
Start Taras Parshin
End Taras Parshin
Level 17 (Req. 17)
Category Novograd
Experience 675
Rewards 14s 85c
Oh, what do I do? The main vault slammed shut with the key still inside! And there's only one key!
The only other way to open it is from the inside. But the only way in is through the tiny key hole! You'd have to be smaller than a baby Gibberling to get in there! Maybe if someone drank a very powerful shrinking potion they could fit, but where am I going to get that?
The only person in Kania who can make something like that is Avdei Begunoff the Wandering Alchemist. The problem is he gets a real kick out of his acceleration potions. He's always running all over the Kania with them! You have to find him and beg him for the potion's recipe!
He tends to wander all over Novograd, Lightwood and Siveria. I know it'll be quite a journey, but this is very important! In return for helping me I'll give you your own bank safe! I swear to Tensess you won't regret it!


Find the wandering alchemist and get him the components for the elixir. After he has mixed them up, return to Taras Parshin in Novograd. Then drink the elixir, talk to Parshin, enter the safe, and open it from the inside.


Hurray! Everything turned out okay thanks to you! I opened your own deposit box as I promised. Thank you so much, and may the Light guard you forever!


  • 675 Experience
  • 14s 85c


The blue key hole

After you accept the quest, you will need to find the Wandering Alchemist multiple times, until he gives you all thirteen components of the Shrinking Elixir.

There are five different components:

  • First component - you need 3 of these
  • Second component - you need 4 of these
  • Third Component - you need 3 of these
  • Fourth Component - you need 2 of these
  • Fifth component - you need 1 of these

You will need 5 inventory slots to carry them around. You can't put them in the bank.

Once you have all the components, right-click on any one of them to create the Shinking Elixir. Go to the bank to inform Taras Parshin about it, by selecting the "Report your success" dialog option.

The blue shining "key hole" to the safe will then appear next to him. Now you can drink the Shrinking Elixir (right-click on it), and click on the key hole to receive the Key to the Safe. Give the Key to Taras Parshin, who will reward you.


This quest used to have a Small Deposit Box as the main reward, which increases the players' bank from 12 slots to 36. This quest reward has been removed in patch 1.1, though the quest is still available.

To complete this time-consuming quest (it can take from a few hours to a few days), you'll have to find the Wandering Alchemist at least 13 times. He can appear in 10 different locations, so players often organize large parties to hunt him down more easily.

The Empire has a similar quest, Trouble at the Bank.