Empire Title
Baptism by Fire
Start Birchy the Merciless
End Whip the Unbound
Level 2
Category The Imperial Ship "Invincible"
Experience 240
Rewards Recruit's Leather Tunic or Recruit's Cloth Robe
Previous Battle Cocktail
Next Cutting Through the Enemy
Database Allodsdatabase.png
Seems I poured you a stiff one just in time...
So, whatcha waiting for? Attack! You gotta fight off the League's assault troops before that battle cocktail wears off!
Go straight for the enemy's leader! They won't put up much of a fight without him.
Onwards, for the Empire! For our homeland! For Nezeb!


Defeat the League Assault troops.


Give them everything you've got! What are you waiting for, pansies?


Well, it seems like I can't call you a pansy any more. You've passed your fighting baptism!

I found some armor in the ship's stash. That's right, I'll even give you first pick from the stash. Go ahead and choose the one you like most.


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