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Basic Instincts
Start Evgeny Mogilin
End Evgeny Mogilin
Level 13
Category Igsh Military District
Experience 575
Reputation 1000 Xadaganians Reputation
Rewards 10 Ordinary Bandage
9s 32c
Repeatable Daily
During wartime certain basic instincts are useless and even harmful. Do you know what I'm talking about? Okay, let me explain. To put it simply, the soldiers think about women too much. Or possibly other men, whatever.
Fortunately we have discovered a remedy for this. Go north to the dry riverbed and gather ten bromine crystals. When it is added to the soldiers' food it almost completely eliminates their desires. I know this for a fact - I was the first test subject! It's quite an amazing substance!


Gather 10 Bromine Crystals and bring them to Evgeny Mogilin.


Yes, I know the area is crawling with centipedes, but I am sure this little fact won't stop you!



  • 575 XP
  • 10 Ordinary Bandage