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Battle Cocktail
Start Birchy the Merciless
End Birchy the Merciless
Level 1
Category The Imperial Ship "Invincible"
Experience 385
Previous To Arms!
Next Baptism by Fire
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You look great! Our uniform suits everyone, Xadaganians, skeletons, orcs...
Now for my favourite task... don't worry, you'll be fine. You've not done anything to deserve it so far. But if I you act like a coward, if you abandon a comrade on the field of battle or if you break any of our rules, then you can be sure I'll be coming after you!
Take this, It's a battle cocktail, a potent little shot of invigorating, revitalizing, liquid courage which turns pansies into true warriors. Drink away, don't worry, it's allowed in the rules.
Come on soldier, don't mess around!


Drink the Battle Cocktail and then talk to Birchy the Merciless.


What's with the face? Sure, maybe it doesn't taste like fruit juice but it's benefits are far greater.


Can you feel it working? Has it kicked in yet?

It's sure to get you going. Heck, it might even have you feeling like you can take on the entire League army! It's the latest invention from the Imperial scientists, it's been known to transform even the most cowardly of goblins into real warriors.