Quest:Beating Back the League

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Beating Back the League
Start Crazystorm the Merciless
End Crazystorm the Merciless
Level 14 (Req. 12)
Rewards 11 Silver.png 88 Copper.png
Ah, I see you're here too… Look, I don't really want to talk about the past. But if you did a great job rearranging my face before, I'm sure you could really mess up those League soldiers!
There are too many of those mongrels, and our boys can't cope with their numbers. If we could make one more push, maybe we could defeat those dogs once and for all.
C'mon, I know what they say about you isn't just some empty hype. I learned that the hard way! Here's a chance for you to put your skills to use.
After you kill as many of the soldiers as you can, you should report to Crazystorm in Yasker's Tower. If anyone will be able to recognize your talent and reward you for it, it's him!


Kill 12 League soldiers and report to Crazystorm the Merciless.


I know about everything you did on Lookout Isle. Your fame precedes you.
Adrian Govorov obviously overestimated his strength when he led his forces to Lookout Isle. I hear that you completely decimated them! Let this be a lesson to League - they will never be able to defeat the Empire!



The League Soldiers can be found in abundance in the Boiler Camp, Southeastern Nezebgrad.

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