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Black Hyenas
Start Pasha Nemoshin
End Pasha Nemoshin
Level 5
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 525
Reputation 500 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards Flimsy Bandage
2s 42c
Previous The Peculiarities of Life in the Capital
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I refused to pay for a pass and look what they did to me… Now I sit here begging for money.
Not that I could use that money to get medicine for myself… the same Black Hyenas who crippled me rob me of any donations I get! They control this area - it's best that you pay them. Do that and you'll be able to roam the city freely, even in other areas which have their own gangs. That's life in the capital for you…
Then again… you can challenge them if you've got the guts for it. Pay them back for us weaker ones.
The Black Hyenas hang around in the slums. Go there and kill a few of them if you ain't scared. They'll respect you for it and they might even ease up on us weaklings too.
Now go! And for Nezeb's sake, please spare some coins for food and medicine for an injured worker!


Black Hyena Assassin (8)
Black Hyena Raider (6)

Kill 8 Black Hyena Assassins and 6 Black Hyena Raiders around the Old Square and report your deeds to Pasha Nemoshin.


So, you planning to challenge the Black Hyenas or are you ready to pay for your monthly pass?


I don't believe it… Wow! You really did it. Maybe I should quit begging and… give that Ryg something to think about!
But then, I wasn't blessed with strength… I guess I'll have to grin and bear it for now.



Flimsy Bandage

  • 2s 42c