Neutral Title
Blood for an Elf
Start Roxane de Doucer
End Roxane de Doucer
Level 36
Category Avilon
Experience 690
Reputation 400 Historians Reputation
Rewards 33Silver 53Copper
Repeatable Yes
Database Allodsdatabase.png
This citadel looks like an exact replica of the Galleon that my father, Armando de Doucer, took from the House de Desirae. It remind me of the disgrace suffered by my House.
My father craved power and immortality, so much so that he cooperated with the forces of evil and became a vampire. Then he infected the other members of our House! I was one of the only ones that escaped and I am fortunate to not share their wicked fate.
Since then I've devoted my life to becoming an expert on vampirism. You may already know that virtually any creature can be made into a vampire and I want to make sure that the epidemic isn't already spreading throughout the allod.
I need blood samples from toads, mantises and squirrels. Three samples of blood from each animal should do. Please, bring them to me as quickly as possible. They all live nearby at Lake Pi'Quea or Totnum Forest.


Collect 3 samples of Mantis Blood, Squirrel Blood and Toad Blood for Roxane de Doucer.


Fortunately, none of the local residents have been stricken with vampirism so far, but we shouldn't relax just yet.
Even though father is no longer among us, I feel as though his voice still resounds inside my head. He calls me a traitor and implores me to join him, The Aviaks say that all the vampires on the shards look like Elves... I shudder to think what that might mean for the rest of us.



Mantis Blood is dropped by Mantis Rippers and Mantis Wizards in Totnum Forest. Squirrel Blood is dropped by Bushy Sabertooth Squirrels all over Avilon. Toad Blood is dropped by Lake Toads near the Lake Pi'Quea.


You can do this quest along with the Drops of Water and Mantis Staves, since the Wizards also drop Mantis Staves.

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