Empire Title
Bottomless Maw
Start Yaver Mbizi
End Yaver Mbizi
Level 5 (Req. 5)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 562
Reputation 500 Arisen
Rewards 3 Minor Potion of Power
2Silver 59Copper
Database Allodsdatabase.png
Had you decided to talk to some of those imbeciles that work for me, you would have heard a lot of scary stories. But the most amazing thing is that almost all of them are true.
Giant mutant rats? True. The ghost of the lost plumber? True. And the story of Bottomless Maw - well that is the most horrible truth of all.
Bottomless Maw is a giant crocodile that lives in the underground reservoir. They say he's over a thousand years old. I would never have believed this story myself if I hadn't seen the beast with my own eyes.
But the croc is just another excuse for slackers who don't want to work! They say they're afraid, that they want to live, blah blah blah. It's time this monster was finally filled, if only to silence the panic-mongers who are refusing to work. Can you handle this job?
They say there's an entrance down there that leads to his lair. When you find it, kill Bottomless Maw and return to me. I'll pay you back handsomely, I swear on my late mother's health!


Kill Bottomless Maw and report to Yaver Mbizi.



Bottomless Maw

Bottomless Maw

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