League Title
Conversation With Amanda
Start Selena de Ardeur
End Amanda de Desirae
Level 1
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 140
Rewards 24Copper
Previous The Mysterious Stone
Next The Missing Scout
Let's see what we've got here...
This stone can teleport you to... Where? The nearest portal apparently. How curious!
My cousin Marianne de Ardeur, the prioress of The Church of Light, used to give me a lot of grief for neglecting my magical studies. If only that old sourpuss could see me now, cracking the riddle of the Meteorite Stone!
Go find Amanda. She and some of the other survivors have moved towards the center of the allod and set up camp there. Find her and tell her everything we've managed to learn about this stone. And tell her to quit being so hard on herself - it wasn't her fault that we ended up here. It's all because of this Stone!... I think.


Report on the results of the experiment to Amanda de Desirae at the Scout Camp.


Is that so? Selena believes that everything is connected to this small stone?
Maybe... But I should have figured it all out myself! How could I lose sight of those stones! Could it be that I misunderstood Uncle's notes?
Listen, I need some time to think about all this.


  • 140 XP
  • 24Copper


The scout camp can be found in the center of the island.

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