Quest:Cutting Through the Enemy

Empire Title.png
Cutting Through the Enemy
Start Whip the Unbound
End Sarang Minx
Level 2
Category The Imperial Ship "Invincible"
Experience 720
Previous Baptism by Fire
Next The Secret Key
Database Allodsdatabase.png
I have a new task for you, rookie.
League assault troops have captured the arsenal! This is unacceptable!
Go there now and waste every rat bastard you see! Destroy the enemy and wipe their stain off our ship.
When you head to the arsenal be on the look out for one of our scientists, Sarang Minx. It's possible he could have survived but not very likely. League assault forces are ruthless executioners, they take mercy on no one!


League Veteran (1)
League Trooper (4)

Fight through the arsenal of 4 League assault troops. Find the scientist Sarang Minx.


Help me... someone!


Thank you for the assistande...

Huh... What's wrong with my legs? They're not moving. It appears that my arteries are shot and my mechanisms are severely damaged...

How much blood and oil have I lost? Looks like more than I should have...


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