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Dark Cargo
Start Anatoly Aldanov
End Anatoly Aldanov
Level 35
Type World Mystery - Holy Weapons (Empire)
Category Asee-Teph
Experience 575
Rewards 27s 9c
Previous The Mysterious Plans of the Historians
Database Allodsdatabase.png
So the Historians bought some dark artifacts from the goblins. That is a bit unexpected. Well we need to do something! And now!
Go to the Historians' Camp near Tensess Temple and confiscate the Dark Artifacts immediately! I'm sure that League agents are on their way already. We need to get them first!


Sneak into the Historian's Camp, steal the Containers of Dark Artifacts and bring them to Anatoly Aldanov, Imperial diplomat.


Oh! Praise Yasker! Here they are! The dark artifacts are finally ours!


  • 575 XP


This quests solves the World Mystery:Holy Weapons (Empire). Visit Mark Staritsyn to claim your reward.