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Death to the Demonologist
Start Shpok the Knife
End Shpok the Knife
Level 3
Category Clement's Tower
Experience 780
Rewards Survivor's Mace or Survivor's Staff or Survivor's Dagger
Previous Escape to the Portal
Next Evacuation
Database Allodsdatabase.png
How'd I hear about the Shadow? Glok, of course. He also told me a bit about you as well. How you helped him take out those Kanian rebels upstairs. Oh, we also have a brother named Lok. I'm sure you'll meet him soon.
When Glok returned, we joined up with the League Defenders and attempted a counter attack against the rebels. We nearly took them all out! All of them except that awful Demonologist. He raised those who fell in the skirmish and now there's a dozen zombies on his side.
It's a strange sight, an elf and Kanian rebels working together. What could they possibly have in common? I guess we'll find out later.
So here's an update of the situation - we're up here while my brothers, Lok and Glok, are outside gathering the rest of the people. The Demonologist and his undead zombies are downstairs and the only thing standing between us and the portal.
We need to go down there and kill the undead and that douchy elf. When they're out of the way Amanda will activate that portal and get us the hell outta here.


Defeat the Demonologist

Slay Raimond de Doucer


When Glok told me about your valiant duel with Kirill Meshersky, I didn't believe it at first. But now that I've seen you with my own eyes, I know he was telling the truth!


Before you go take this. I found it on the Demonologist and I'm sure he won't be using it any more. Now let's get out of here!