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Demons Afoot
Start Yasker
End Elizaveta Rysina
Level 35
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 225
Rewards 10s 12c
Previous The Testament of Tensess
Join forces with the League? I doubt even Nezeb himself would risk introducing such a radical policy on foreign relations!
Look, even if we suppose that Tensess is right and that the demonic threat has not been neutralized, I can't just up and cease the war with the League without the Empire facing severe ramifications.
It would take years just to make the Imperial citizens stop believing in their treachery. The League is our enemy, and the demons don't seem nearly as bad or dangerous enough to displace it.
No, it's downright impossible! Especially considering that we have no reason to believe Tensess' groundless words! That's right - groundless! It's probably just the demon worshippers acting up locally. And any potentially dangerous consequences of their activities have already been prevented by you!
Still, we shouldn't ignore this signal completely. I suppose the City Council should investigate the matter. Speak to Elizaveta Rysina. Have her reference this data against the information we already have on the demon worshippers. Perhaps there'll be a connection...


Speak to Elizaveta Rysina in Nezebgrad.


Hmm... The security of the Empire demands that we be vigilant, even if we're talking about the revings of a late Great Mage.
It should be noted that we receive regular reports about demons' and cultists' activities. However, most of those are fueled by old fears and ignorance, and we would waste time investigating them.


  • 225 XP