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Device Fragments
Start Broken Demon Detector
End Broken Demon Detector
Level 34 (Req. 33-34)
Category Coba Plateau
Experience 225
Rewards Adamantine Chest
10s 66c
Repeatable Yes, daily
Oh... This broken detector is hiding a chest!
The hunters won't mind, right? It was they who set you on this hunt in the first place! It's like they wanted you to have it.


Unearth the chest hidden under the Broken Demon Detector.


Wow! Be sure to thank the Demon Hunters next time you see them!



You are prompted to find this treasure by the Ancient Treasure quest from Anastasia Leshcheva at the Prospectors' Inn.

The treasure is in a rather remote location, and is guarded by Night Howler and two skeletons.

Coba treasure map.jpg Broken demon detector treasure.jpg