Empire Title
Don't Talk Too Much!
Start Clavdius Steppen
End Oleg Truthin
Level 5
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 150
Rewards 34Copper
Next Registration in the Capital
Database Allodsdatabase.png
Relax, everything's fine!
So, how's it going down there? What are those scientists up to? See, I was ordered to check up on everybody, but then I'm not allowed to go down below myself. Odd, isn't it?!
Don't want to tell me?…
Good job! You've passed the test! You know what they say - loose lips sink ships! The League never sleeps!
Now go on and head over to the City Council building. Major Truthin is already waiting for you. He's a pretty big wheel around here you know. He's the only council member that is also part of the Imperial Sentinels. Not only is he spearheading Project Salvation, but he also oversees lots of other important matters in the capital.
Which matters? Well, those are on a need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know yet. And remember to keep your mouth shut!


Meet with Major Oleg Truthin of the City Council.


So that's what the Imperial Survivor looks like… Hm…

And where have you been for so long? Are the scientists doing strange things again? It's impossible to cope with them! The Council can't be kept waiting you know.


  • 34Copper
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