League Title
Drifting Down the Stream
Start Denis Motolov
End Yefim Motolov
Level 13
Category Siveria
Experience 230
Reputation 1000 Molotovka Traders
Rewards 3Silver 73Copper
Repeatable No
Previous The Bear Totem
Next Ambushed by Waterfolk

Drifting Down the Stream is a quest given by Denis Motolov in Molotovka. Your objective is to escort the cargo Denis Motolov provides you with as you go down river on a raft to Gravestein.


The moment you accept the quest, a timer will start counting down from 500. If the timer reaches zero, you fail the quest. The reason behind this timer is explained later. You now need to get down to the raft NPCs downhill from Molotovka. Talk to the Damp Family and pick the option implying to set off. You will get a raft and two guards. It will not start immediately, and you might need to move around a little to start it. On the trip, 2 level 13 waterfolk will boarder the raft, attacking you. Here comes the reason behind the timer. The attack will stop the raft, and you will not be moving again before the enemies are taken out. Again it will take a little before the raft starts again. When you reach Gravestein and the guard says "At last, we've arrived.", the timer will stop counting. Talk to Yefim Motolov by the dock to collect your reward.

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