Neutral Title
Drops of Water and Mantis Staves
Start Yaver Musem
End Yaver Musem
Level 36
Category Avilon
Experience 230
Reputation Historians 400
Rewards Reinforced Bandage
67Silver 7Copper
Repeatable Yes, daily


Collect 10 drops of Magical Water and 8 Mantis Staves for Yaver Musem.


  • 400 Historians reputation
  • Reinforced Bandage
  • 230 Experience
  • 67Silver 7Copper


Magical Water is dropped by the Lake Elementals near the Lake Pi'Quea. Staves are dropped by Mantis Wizards in the Totnum Forest.


You can do this quest along with the Blood for an Elf, since the Wizards also drop Mantis Blood.

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