League Title
Elixir of Invulnerability
Start Glok the Knife
End Glok the Knife
Level 2
Category Clement's Tower
Experience 360
Rewards Survivor's Leather Pants or Survivor's Cloth Pants
Previous Survive!
Next The Mage's Niece
Database Allodsdatabase.png
What a fight that was!
Hey, you're wounded! You didn't even notice huh? If my brothers Lok and Sphok were here, we would've protected you! One gibberling is good enough, but three can stand toe-to-toe with even the strongest of Orcs.
We need to patch this wound immediately! Normally I'd recommend a bandage but since we're in Clement's office... let's see... check out that chest over there. I'm sure we'll find something. I often saw him keep useful potions and elixirs in that chest. Once, he mixed three components together, poured it over a wound and it magically healed right before my eyes. You need to find that elixir!


Find and drink the elixir

Find and use the Elixir of Invulnerability


Did you find the elixir yet?


How'd that taste? Feels pretty good, doesn't it? It's definitely quite the elixir considering that it instantly healed your wounds. I'm sure Clement must have been saving it for a special occasion.

I found some useful items around the room while you were gone. Please choose one that fits you the best.


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