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Escaping the Palace
Start Klara Shalagina
End Roman Mishin
Level 37
Type World Mystery - Strange Cultists (Empire)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 940
Rewards 47s
Previous A Way Out of Here
Next Mail for Yasker
We've got the key so now we can use the portal. Let's leave this awful place immediately. I'll stay close to your side until we get to Nezebgrad!
You're really good at fighting monsters, do you know that? I'm only useful for paperwork. But when we get back, I'll demand a transfer to the chancellery! So, what are you waiting for? Off to Nezebgrad!


Escort Klara Shalagina to Nezebgrad.


What's going on?! First an insane lady comes barreling out and then you! Guard - there have been unofficial teleportations made inside the Imperial Teleportation Network! Call the alarm!


  • 940 XP