Quest:Evermeet Isle Report

League Title.png
Evermeet Isle Report
Start Daniel de Pluie
End Zhuga Isaev
Level 6 (Req. 6)
Category Lightwood
Experience 160
Reputation 500 League Army
Rewards Cloth or Leather Boots,
Herald's Badge
96 Copper.png
Previous Returning Home
Next Service to Novograd
Our mysterious benfactor has sent Ton and I to this small allod. The others should soon be here as well. Tell me, did the mage introduce himself to you? No? I wonder who he is. What a curious man...
Don't bother waiting for the others. Take the first ship you see and head on over to the League headquarters in Novograd. Everything that happened at Clement's Tower and our experience here on this allod must be reported at once! There is a rebellion developing and it must be stopped before it's too late!
It's amazing. I was at Clement's Tower for military training to fight against the Empire. I didn't expect war to catch us so soon. And right here in the very heart of the League! We're caught in the middle of great changes, I can feel it. When you get back to Novograd you should make sure report to the proper authorities immediately. I'm sure the League will want to know everything that happened.


Report to the Novograd Detective Bureau on everything that occured on Evermeet Isle.


Information Pertaining to the rebels? We need any kind of information we can get now. Go ahead, I'm listening.


You can sell the Herald's Badge, it has no other purpose.

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