Empire Title
Start Yaver Odzhi
End Yaver Odzhi
Level 2
Category The Imperial Ship "Invincible"
Experience 720
Rewards Recruit's Cloth Slippers or Recruit's Leather Boots
Hold it! Who are you?
Look, I can't just let you rush off to the bridge right now. We're in the middle of a war and we need every free hand manning the cannons! There won't be a bridge to run to or a Grubin to speak with unless we fight back!
One of our bombardiers went down from enemy fire. Man the open weapon and fire at the League ship with everything we've got!


Fire Astral Cannon

Fire the cannon to hit the League ship, it might take 3-5 tries.

Hit the League ship

Hit the League ship using the Astral cannon and then talk to Yaver Odzhi.


What are you talking to me for? Did you take out that ship yet?


What beginner's luck! You hit the League ship's power line and took it right out. It'll be a while before they recover from this! Good job!

I salvaged this from one of out wounded crew mates. Take it!



Recruit's Cloth Slippers or Recruit's Leather Boots



This quest needs to be completed in order to finish The Secret Key

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