Empire Title
Fishing in Paradise
Start Alexey Sinitsyn
End Alexey Sinitsyn
Level 16 (Req. Unknown)
Category Dead Sea
Experience 520
Rewards 10Silver 71Copper
What a fight that was, I still tremble when I remember it! I don't know what those Kanian generals were thinking. What fools, they should have never attempted to invade Nezebgrad!
I'm talking about the recent fight off the coast of Severny Steppe! I was at the helm of the "Irrefutable", you know. My exploits were written about in the newspapers, haven't you read about them? What a pity, you should have. And here I am, enjoying my well-deserved rest
This is good spot for fishing, as expected of a true paradise! My bait is all used up though. I had a box of worms that I found lying around, but there were only a few in there. Now they're all gone.
Hey, are you going outside any time soon? They say that the local carp like centipede legs. Can you bring me some so I can try them out?


Bring 200 Centipede Legs to Alexey Sinitsyn.


Hmm, do you think the fish will bite with these on my hook? I really hope so. Thanks for your help.


  • 520 Experience
  • 10Silver 71Copper


You can find required items on Vicious Centipede just outside the Seventh Seabed Resort.

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