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Following Lok's Trail
Start Amanda de Desirae
End Lok the Knife
Level 1 (Req. 4)
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 320
Reputation 1000 Survivors
Rewards Staff, Sword or Bow
1s 92c
Previous The Suspicious Ship
Next The Benefactor's Shelter
Let's see... The wrecked ship is definitely the one we saw at Clement's Tower. When Uncle died and everyone was rushing to escape, the captain realized too late that his passengers were rebels and murderers. The crew tried to arrest the criminals but failed - the rebel necromancer began raising the fallen as undead who would then side with him. In the midst of battle the captain, seeing himself and the crew to be doomed, crashed the ship against the rocky shore. This was how the culprits responsible for Clement's Tower's destruction found themselves here.
I feel like the whole incident is coming to a head. While you were absent, our mysterious benefactor brought us another present. It contains weapons and a note signed with single letter, "N".
To paraphrase, the others from the wrecked ship have found his shelter. It's hidden in a deep cave in the northeast part of the allod. He asks us to help expel them, promising in exchange to send us back to Kania. This is our chance!
I have already sent Lok, our best scout, to the cave but I'm sure he could use some help. Follow Lok's trail, find him, and... Well, frankly, I don't know what to do next. You better play it by ear.


Find Lok in the cave to the northeast.


  • Staff, Sword or Bow
  • 320 Experience (level 6)
  • 1s 92c
  • 1000 Survivors reputation


Find Lok and release him from his cage.

Lok's location