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Forest Caches
Start Pavel Isaev
End Pavel Isaev
Level 9
Category Lightwood
Experience 570
Reputation 500 Novograd Construction Council
Rewards Scarred Scout's Tunic or Ranger's Jerkin
5s 81c
Previous The Rebels’ Letter
Next Investigating the Werewolves
This situation with the hidden weapons requires our immediate attention...


Find and mark 5 weapon caches in the Southern Birchwoods and report back to Pavel Isaev.


Good, now we have one less problem to worry about.



The caches are hidden in the bushes in Southern Birchwoods. The caches are guarded by Birchwood Bandits, who spawn when you mark a cache:

Note: This quest gives most people a problem when trying to use signal becon if it dosent work abandon quest then accquire the quest again...

Weapon Cache