League Title
From the Frying Pan into the Fire
Start Dobrinya Nikitov
End Dobrinya Nikitov
Level Unknown
Category Darkwater
Experience 840
Reputation 250 Kanians
Rewards Cape of the Darkwater Defender
19Silver 82Copper
Previous The Fate of the Wagon Train
Next A Boggy Stir
You're just in time! We're short on hands...


Kill 10 Fierce Vandals, 10 Murderous Sorcerers, and their leader, Oleg Karchikov on the Valir Highway.


One less headache! Darkwater needs people like you - brave, daring, and always ready to help.


  • Cape of the Darkwater Defender
  • 840 Experience
  • 19Silver 82Copper
  • 250 Kanians reputation
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