League Title
Fruits of Love
Start Daria Laskova
End Nikolai Rubtsov
Level 4
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 420
Reputation 1000 Survivors
Previous Hunting Season
Nikolai Rubtsov, my... well, a good friend of mine, went inland on a scouting mission. They hope to find some way of leaving this place. I'm sure they can do it - my Slavuta is with them!
I'd like to support my friend. I saw some dog rose bushes in the forest and that's his favourite berry! Do me a favor and gather some to take to him as a present from me. My mother used to say that showing attention to your loved ones can be a great help in times of trouble.


Gather 5 Dog Rose Berries and take them to Nikolai Rubtsov in the Scout Camp.


Dog Rose berries? For me? Well, it's very nice of you, and so touching. Though I'd have preferred... Never mind, many thanks.
Dog Rose Berrybush

Dog Rose Berries



Press T to highlight the plants (or bind that function to a more convenient button). This will allow you to see the plants from a large distance.

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