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Goblin Scavengers
Start Alexey Sinitsyn
End Alexey Sinitsyn
Level 17 (Req. Unknown)
Category Dead Sea
Experience 540
Reputation 250
Rewards 11s 88c
I kidded you a little...don't be upset with me, hehe. In any case, I do love fihing and that big head will come in useful. The only thing is - it won't be decorating the captain's bridge but my office at the City Council! And I'll still make my coworkes green with envy!
But let's talk about work. To the south of Sector 05 is a large goblin encampment. The salt deposits from right on the surface there, and you can just take a spade a gather it up. That!s the whole purpose of the camp, you see - they collct stuff and then sell the raw salt in bulk to the Godfather.
Help us put an end to this dirty work for the good of the Empire. I am giving you the task of wedding out these scavengers.


Kill 15 Goblin Scavengers and report to Alexey Sinitsyn.


Each time you killed a goblin you saved the lives of ten innocent people. You did a noble thing.