League Title
Great Tree Seeds
Start Froddy the Fidget
End Veleslav Kapishev
Level Unknown
Category Frozen Frontier
Experience 140
Reputation 250 Gibberlings
Rewards 3Silver 30Copper
Previous The Third Seal
Next unknown
Wait a second! Look, the seal is broken! See that crack?...


Talk to the druid, Veleslav Kapishev, in Darkwater about the Great Tree seeds.


The seeds of the Great Tree... Hm, I don't think it's going to be that easy.
Things are difficult in Darkwater at the moment. The Valir castle has been cursed and nobody has been able to set foot inside it for twenty years. The natural equilibrium has been disturbed and darkness is amassing in the forests. Would the Tree be willing to share its power? It's hard to say.


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