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League Title.png
Help for the League Suppliers' Guild
Start Feodor Prokhorov
End Feodor Prokhorov
Level 10 (Req. 10)
Category Lightwood
Experience 100
Reputation 250
Repeatable Yes, daily
You there! Come do your duty and help the League! The war in the Holy Lands has been raging for a long time and supplies for the League's soldiers are running low. Go see the trainer of what gathering activity you are capable of doing. They will tell you what you can contribute to our cause.


Acquire items needed by any one of the gathering profession trainers, and turn them in. Then return to Feodor Prokhorov to get your rewards. The items required by each trainer depend on your level (one item type is needed at level 10-19, another at 20-29 etc):

Disassembling Trainer:

  • 20 Leather Strips (level 10-19)
  • 20 Pieces of Embroidery (level 20-29)
  • 20 Buttonhooks (level 30-39)
  • 20 Pieces of Gimp (level 40)

Herbalism Trainer:

Mining Trainer:

  • 20 Impure Iron Base (level 10-19)
  • 20 Impure Iron Blanks
  • 20 Impure Mithril Plating
  • 20 Refined Mithril Strips


The main reward from this quest is the reputation with the League Suppliers' Guild. You need to become Respected in order to complete the A New Craft quest, which allows you to learn a second profession. It takes roughly 90 days to become Respected with the Guild.


You don't need to actually have any of these professions to complete the quest, you can buy the supplies from other players and turn them in. That option however might be more expensive than gathering the items yourself. It may be useful if you don't have enough time, and don't want to lose a day's worth of reputation.

It appears that in current game version ( some of the trainers may be bugged and will not receive the materials (or ask for inexisting items). In that case you can try another trainer.

Working materials:

  • Wilted Calendula, Wilted Hops, Wilted Mint, Wilted Elderberry
  • Impure Iron Blanks, Impure Mithril Plating
  • Pieces of Embroidery