Empire Title
Hidden in the Sands
Start Alexey Sinitsyn
End Alexey Sinitsyn
Level 17 (Req. Unknown)
Category Dead Sea
Experience 540
The sands out there are almost as dangerous as the beasts, as I'm sure you noticed! If it wasn't for this dome, the dunes would cover this area in a matter of weeks. Most of the other settlements have to shovel the stuff out on a daily basis.
That means that there's a whole bunch of treasure out there that no one's discovered! Some poor traveler drops a cache of stuff and the sands swallow it up. A few years later, the winds blow a certain way and there is it again, basking in the light of day!
In fact, I thought I saw a large chest myself while I was taking a stroll the other day. I was in a hurry, and I figured it might have been a trick of the light, but if you've got time on your hands maybe you should go look for it. I think it was off to the south.


Find the hidden treasure to the south and report your success to Alexey Sinitsyn.


Wow, look at that! So there was a chest there after all! Well, I'm sure that reward was well-deserved.


  • 540 Experience


Allods 100812 102655

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