Neutral Title
Historian's Robbery
Start Thibault de Desirae
End Thibault de Desirae
Level Unknown
Category Coba Plateau
Experience 220
Reputation Historians 250
Rewards Reinforced Bandage
10Silver 12Copper
Repeatable Yes


Recover the Historian's Equipment that was stolen by the Pirates and return to Thibault de Desirae at the Historians' Camp.


  • 250 Historians reputation
  • Reinforced Bandage
  • 220 Experience
  • 10Silver 12Copper



Historian's Equipment

Collect 4 crates of Historian's Equipment and return them to Thibault de Desirae.


This quest can be found at the Meridian Outback camp. The crates of equipment are located in the Pirates' camps nearby. There are 7 crates in total, so expect a lot of competition.

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