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Hungry Gibberlings
Start Grok the Bloodthirsty
End Grok the Bloodthirsty
Level 5 (Req. 4)
Rewards 34c
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Hey, look over here! That's right, these are Gibberlings! Dance, you three-headed bastard, entertain the crowd!
…Nobody wants to see these damn Gibberlings. Maybe I should hand them over to the boys in Izune and let them have a little fun?
I thought Gibberlings would be a novelty here in Nezebgrad, and I figured that was bound to bring in the crowds! Hah! Now if I could get a demon, that would make me some serious cash!
These miserable bastards won't even eat anything. They'll probably die soon. I've offered them all sorts of things - rats, spiders, worms, but they won't eat them.
Listen, help me out, will you? I saw a few crows flying around here and I figure maybe these guys will eat their meat. What? If I were hungry, I'd eat some nastier things than crow meat, believe you me!


Collect 5 pieces of Crow Meat and bring them to Grok the Bloodthirsty.


Did you get the meat? These Gibberlings look like they might keel over any minute from hunger…
Here it is! C'mon you worthless fur balls, dinner's ready.
…You have to cook it? Gibberlings won't eat raw meat? Hmm, that's strange… I mean, goblins don't have a problem with it. Perhaps you're right about cooking it… I could do with a manual on how to care for these damn things!


City Crows can be found around Nezebgrad, if you stay in Old Square though, and kill 5 Crows, you'll be done in no time!