Neutral Title
Icy Cold Treasure
Start Unknown
End Unknown
Level Unknown
Category Frozen Frontier
Experience 140
Rewards Steel Chest
Repeatable Yes, daily
Oh ho, what's this?!
Maybe if we chip through this ice we'll be able to find something truly incredible!


Search among the ice for any treasure.


This is the treasure! I wonder who buried this chest so far out in these frigid wastes. Let's just hope that it contains something valuable and not some useless old trinkets!



You are prompted to find this treasure by the Treasure in the Ice quest from Eric the Red.

This treasure is very difficult to get to. It is located on the Nordheim island. You need to go through the caves and fight an elite Drake that guards the path to the treasure (you will need to party with other players). Clicking on the block of ice might not work; you may have to press the V key to interact with it.

Frozen Frontier treasure map Frozen Frontier treasure

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