Empire Title
Igsh Mystery Stones
Start Clang the Forester
End Clang the Forester
Level 11 (Req. 10)
Category Igsh Military District
Experience 315
Rewards 50Silver
To recognize IMD you need to find the milestones! Many of them have been hidden in remote places.
I ask you to find three such stones, and touch them.
You can find the at the Imperial Training Camp, Old Barracks, and Lookout Isle. Return to me when you have seen there is to see in IMD!


Find three milestones of IMD, touch them and report to local Anthropologist Clang the Forester.

  • Training Ground Milestone
  • Old Barracks Milestone
  • Lookout Allod Milestone


Restoring the runes is easy. Trekking all over Nezebgrad is the hard part!
Thank you again. If you need more incense come back tomorrow and I'll have some more work for you!


  • 50Silver
  • 315 Experience


To find the Training Ground Milestone, look around the Imperial Training Camp, in Igsh Military District. To find the Old Barracks Milestone, wander around the Old Barracks in Severny Steppe. To find the Lookout Isle Milestone, wander around the word, 'Lookout Isle' on your map. It is usually found near the 'e' on the end of 'Isle'.

Map severny steppe
Severny Steppe stones

Map igsh military district
IMD stones

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