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Imperial Bugs
Start Oleg Truthin
End Oleg Truthin
Level 6 (Req. 5)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 240
Reputation 250 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards 1s 44c
Next Undercover Operations
Database Allodsdatabase.png

The locations of the houses

A chair where the bugs can be planted

Something is going on in the Hadron Quarter. You know that joke that says that the Institute's walls are made of microconcrete because they're ten percent concrete and ninety percent microphones? A joke's a joke but there's some truth to it.
Until recently, we monitored conversations between scientists by using special bugs. Bugs are small insects that crawl into cracks, settle down and listen… Adepts somewhere in Yasker's Tower have attuned themselves so they can read the bugs' brain waves. You get the picture?
Why “until recently”? Well, because the bugs went quiet all of a sudden! Every last one of them! That's no coincidence! We'll find out who is responsible soon enough, but what we really need to do is regain control of the situation.
Our course of action will revolve around this box of bugs. Take it to the Hadron Quarter and release them there. Don't put them all in the same place, though. Make sure to spread them throughout the area to increase the coverage. Understood?


Release 6 bugs in the buildings of the Hadron Quarter for Oleg Truthin of the City Council.


So? Did the thing with the bugs go alright?


I know that you did a good job. How? Take a guess!

We've already intercepted several important conversations.


  • 1s 44c


All buildings are located near the postal worker, in Hadron Quarter. Interact,(by either pressing 'Z' or right clicking) with the chairs in order to plant the bugs. There are four houses with two chairs in each. You can revisit each house after a few minutes, to plant all six bugs.

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