Neutral Title
June Treasures
Start Wreckage
End Wreckage
Level 37 (Req. 36-37)
Category Avilon
Experience 245
Rewards Adamantine Chest
Repeatable Yes, daily
Oh! This looks like it fell off this ancient June stele. And what's this? It was hiding the treasure! Those little guys were right, the force from the ship must have knocked it out.
Let's open it!


Remove the treasure from the Wreckage.


I wonder what it could be!



You are prompted to find this treasure by the Treasures of the Past quest from Chamomile Family at the Historian's Camp in Avilon.

The treasure is located on the eastern Dark Shards allod. Getting there can be tricky, since you need to jump from the Eastern Horn allod to the rock that connects it to the Dark Shards. If you don't do it properly, you can fall into the gap between them and die.

Avilon treasure map Avilon treasure

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