Empire Title
Kill the Corpses
Start Unknown
End Sarbaz Rashidi
Level 14 (Req. 12)
Category Igsh Military District
Rewards 9Silver 32Copper
You came at a good time. We were just about to start the War Games! The results determine who wins - the Reds or the Blues. I'm ashamed to admit that the Reds have lost several times in a row, but it's time to put an end to this losing streak!
Here's the first task. To the south of here there is a range where employees of the Necro-Incubator release a ton of training skeletons. Your task is to break through to the center of the range and raise the Reds' flag. You also have to destroy at least twelve skeletons along the way - this is supposed to test your skill in battle, not just your ability to skulk around!
The Blues have been given the same task. You need to make sure you're faster than them or it won't be our flag flying above the range. If you succeed, report to the neutral observer Sarbaz Rashidi. He collects the results of the different trials, and the winning team will be chosen based on his information."


Red flag

Red Flag (Quest Item)

Destroy 12 skeletons and plant the Red Flag and report to Sarbaz Rashidi if you succeed. You have 5 minutes to complete the task.


Have the skeletons have been destroyed? And did you raise your battalion's flag?


Great job! Thanks to you the Reds are now in the lead. Keep up the good work!


  • 9Silver 32Copper


Follow the path, South of Dead Shore Training Grounds. You should begin to see Brittle Skeletal Magicians littering the grounds. Follow your way down to the map, looking at the picture, (on your right, click to see bigger) and plant the flag. Remember this should only be done after you have killed 12 magicians.

Kill the corpses

Kill the Corpses

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