Neutral Title
Lamia Treasure
Start Unknown
End Unknown
Level Unknown
Category Tenebra
Experience 155
Rewards Mithril Chest
Repeatable Yes, daily
Oh, what's this? It looks like the lamias got to the buried treasure first. But I'm sure they wouldn't mind if someone took it off their hands... Besides, you need it more than they do!


Take the lamia's treasure for yourself.


Many thanks to the lamias for saving you the hassle of digging this stuff up! Now to see what's inside...



You are prompted to find this treasure by the In Search of Treasure quest from Patrick de Desirae.

Getting the treasure is not hard, just use the Ancient June Ruins to fly to the Tainted Woods, and fight off the lamias that protect the treasure. Here is a map that shows its location:

Tenebra treasure map

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