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Start Frak the Adacious
End Froddy the Fidget
Level 14
Category Siveria
Experience 240
Reputation 100 Gibberlings
Rewards Belt of Frosty Nights or Leopard Skin Braces
4s 22c
Previous On the Trail of the Spy
Next A Garden City Shall Stand Here


Release the owls and go to the Frozen Frontier to inform his mothers.


I'd hate to say it, but... I had a hunch. The Astral is swallowing up the world, I just wanted so much to believe that our homeland survived this chaos and is awaiting us still!
My dearest Gibberlings, what's to become of us now?! I implore you, speak not a word of this to anyone!
I don't blame you for it. Here is your reward. May it keep you warm in this cold place. I just don't know whether the Gibberlings will ever be warm again...


  • Belt of Frosty Nights or Leopard Skin Braces
  • 240 Experience
  • 100 Gibberlings reputation
  • 4s 22c


Forget about the whole "releasing the owls" thing. Instead, go to Cape of Good Hope and interact with the yellow crystal on the north side of the outpost. When you have selected that you want to go to the Frozen Frontier, you will be sent there in the same fashion as when you left for Novograd. Go find Froddy the Fidget in the village and collect your reward.


This is the last quest in the second part of the The Lost Homeland World Mystery.