League Title
Lesson Three: Combining Runes
Start Mysterious Family
End Mysterious Family
Level 15 (Req. 15)
Category Lightwood
Experience 130
Previous Lesson Two:Extracting Runes
Next Regular Customers
The third lesson is about combining runes.
For this lesson you will need to purchase the Rune welder from our shop to combine two runes using Gold Dust and Crystal Chips. And as I'm sure you're already aware, I've rewarded you with the crystal chips and gold dust from our second lesson.
Use your Rune Welder to fuse two runes to create a more powerful one. But remember to unpack your crystal chips! Go on, it's simple, really.


Use the Rune Welder to combine two runes in your bag and report to the Mysterious Family.


Now that wasn't so hard, was it? Good work, your third lesson is now complete.


  • 130 Experience


Buy a Rune Welder and right-click on it. Click the Unite button in the window that will appear.

This quest unlocks the Regular Customers daily quest.

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