Empire Title
Lost Supplies
Start Yaver Mbizi
End Yaver Mbizi
Level 5 (Req. 5)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 375
Reputation 250 Arisen
Rewards Mechanic's Hammer, Foreman's Staff, Plumber's Shortbow, or Technician's Shiv
1Silver 72Copper
Database Allodsdatabase.png
You know that creatures have arms made of bones, muscles, and tendons, all dressed up in a flashy covering of skin. But what's the use? What's the use if they break and tear so easily?
We Arisen, on the other hand, have much more practical arms made of sturdy metal. There's just one catch - they won't hold together properly without titanium screws! I ordered a whole crate of them, waited for a whole month, and even held back the workers' pay just to be able to buy them.
And for what? All it takes is one simpleton to accidentally drop them into the reservoir to ruin my plans. If it were up to me, I'd chop his clumsy hands off and his dumb head to boot! What are you standing around for with that look on your face? Go down into the reservoir and bring me back those screws!


Find 10 Titanium Screws and return to Yaver Mbizi.


  • 1Silver 72Copper
  • 375 Expdwa
  • dawadw


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