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Maintaining Power
Start Kazimiz Blader
End Sarang Kafiri
Level 3
Category The Imperial Ship "Invincible"
Experience 520
Previous The Secret Key
Next The Heart of the Ship
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Dammit! The League assault troops hit us hard and disabled a large part of the ship. We had to turn on our secondary power generators, but for some reason they're starting to fail too!
I need to head to the reactor room on the double! Find Sarang Kafiri and see what's going on. And if this is the result of another of his stupid experiments... tell him I'm going to rip his harware out!


Investigate the Reactor Room

Talk to Sarang Kafiri and determine the cause of power failure.


We're in a tough spot. We can't get rid od that shield and our power is fading!


What? Of course I had nothing to do with this! What do you take me for, an idiot?! Open your eyer rookie!

League assault troops captured the reactor room and are wreaking havoc in there!