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League Title.png
Martyr's Rune
Start Feodor Vetrov
End Mysterious Family
Level 15 (Req. 15)
Category Siveria
Experience 125
Rewards Level 1 Rune
Previous Astral Resistance
Next Lesson One:Embedding Runes
Now that your patron has been selected, I want to tell you about one more thing.
Runes are magical stones that contain the power of each patron and are found in many items. The tradition of inserting runes into items goes back long time, when craftsmen didn't know anything about the Twelve Great Martyrs and simply used the magical powers of rune stones to enhance weapons and armor. Now you will learn to combine, extract, and insert runes into your equipped items.
I recommend that you go to Novograd's Gibberling District and find the Mysterious Family, who can tell you much more about this than I.


Speak with the Mysterious Family in the Gibberling District about runes.


Welcome! Many come to us after acquiring a patron. Would you like to learn more about runes? We can tell you everything there is to know as well as the finer aspects of working with them.


  • Level 1 Rune
  • 125 Experience